• The Realm of Hamsun
    The Realm of Hamsun: tourist information for the municipalities of Hamarøy, Tysfjord, Steigen and Sørfold.
  • The Hamsun Centre
    Exhibition, Architecture, Culture, Library, Cafe
  • Øverås Gård
    Farm, Cafe,
  • Stall Eivik
    Farm, Horses
  • Hamarøy Fjordtur
    Experience 7 maelstroms within the heart of the realm of Hamsun
  • Árran – Lule Sami Centre
    Lule Sami language, history and society – the Árran Centre tries to reflect the Lule Sami society in Norway.
  • Steigen Sagaspill
    Steigen Sagaspill is a biennial theatrical performance in Steigen Municipality.
  • Stetind
    Norway’s national mountain.
  • Nordland Adventures
    Nordland Adventures offers tours and activities, including guided climbing excursions to Hamarøyskaftet and tours to Stetind, Norway’s national mountain.
  • Hamarøy Municipal Council
    Hamarøy Municipal council’s official website offering information from and about the municipality.

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